Since 1993

Hi, I'm Brenda.

I am a graphic designer and digital artist from Chicago. I build brands with the purpose of creating out-of-this-world experiences so with my knowledge and your concept we can create something effective and beautiful. Visit me at for more information.

With a strong passion and a natural drive for new ideas and solutions, I deliver what you need to stand out to your target audience. You share with me your ideas and we will develop your concept with a solid foundation into a marketable work of art that still aligns with your company's vision.

Are you starting your own business? Or simply trying to take your game to the next level? From a logo to an identity system or a poster to other marketing collateral. I can help!

Let's meet ...

I am always interested in freelance and agency opportunities within the creative industry. We can communicate via email, Skype, phone and if you're in Chicago, in person.